Create an AWS Account

To create an AWS (Amazon Web Services) account, you need to open and click "Create an AWS Account" button.

Create an AWS Account

Type your e-mail, select "I am a new user" and click "Sign in using our secure server" button.

Sign In or Create an AWS Account

Type your name, e-mail again, password and click "Create account" button.

Login Credentials

There are two types of account which are Company Account and Personal Account. Choose your account type and then fill the form. When the form is complete click "Create Account and Continue" button.

Contact Information

In this step you need to enter your credit card information. As long as you use free-tier services, Amazon doesn't charge anything from your credit card.

Note: Amazon doesn't charge anything from your credit card in this step.

Payment Information

In Identity Verification step, you need to enter your phone number and click "Call Me Now" button.

Identity Verification

After clicking "Call Me Now" button Amazon will call you and asks 4 digit pin number which is in the Call in progress panel. You can enter or say these digits while you are in a call with Amazon.

Call In Progress

After you successfully enter 4 digits pin number, second step will finish automatically and third step appears. In this step click "Continue to select your Support plan" button.

Identity Verification Complete

In this post I choose "Basic" plan for free services but according to your needs you can choose other support plans. After choosing your support plan, click "Continue" button.

Note: You can change your support plan later.

Support Plan Panel

Click "Complete Sign Up" button and login with your credentials.

Complete Sign Up

Congratulations. You create your AWS account successfully. Next blog posts I will write about how to use AWS services.

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